GRUPO INGAPAN consists of 460 employees, whose average age is of between 35 and 36 years. Our HR Department recently implemented an equality scheme aimed at equal rights and professionally integrating our employees, irrespective of gender.

Future Plans

A 5100m3 logistics centre will be under construction during 2017, with a useful capacity of 40,000 metres, located in the Outeiro de Rei Industrial Park (Lugo). This investment of 5.5 million Euros will enable the group to directly manage their stocks and optimise the full area of the premises, with automated systems for storage, maintenance and data transmission.

Productive capacity and raw materials intake

We estimate that our daily production capacity is of 170 tons of product (200,000 pasties/day, 170,000 loaves/day).

12.439 t
710.459 l
629.711 l
1.133 Tn
249 t
298 t
228 t
2.802 t

Quality certifications

Chousa belongs to group A, indicating that it has received the highest mark in all its audits. Furthermore, it has the “100% renewable energy” certificate in all its manufacturing plants. Our products hold the Galicia Calidade recognised stamp and certificates as Food BRC or IFS (International Food Standard).


We never give up. We invest every year in R+D+I betting on the use of high-quality raw materials. The purpose is to carry on with the satisfaction of market demands, with adaptation to customers’ needs, and with supply of the best posible product.


In the 2015 fiscal year, the companies belonging to the Grupo Ingapan invoiced over 81.5 million Euros. The food segment made a contribution of 78.8 million Euros to this figure, 96.9% of total turnover. Ingapan is the 4th producer of frozen dough nationwide and leader in its product lines.

7 own delegations

We have 7 delegations in Spain and abroad located in Lugo, A Coruña, Pontevedra, Bizkaia, Tenerife, Madrid and Florida (USA).

9 manufacturing plants

We work in 15 production lines with 9 manufacturing plants measuring 31,400 m2 with the goal of providing you the best quality of balanced receipes.

We have a network of more than 144 distributors in Spain and Portugal

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